Man calls 911 to complain about ham sandwich

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Man calls 911 to complain about ham sandwich.


A Guide to San Francisco Strip Clubs

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A Guide to San Francisco Strip Clubs

Nicely written guide for those looking to check out the “scene”. Remember…Mitchell Brothers has no booze and the Gold Club and Hustler Club do.

The Breakdown…in the raw

Zombies among us

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Zombies among us

WTF is going on? Time to buy more ammo!

Pliny the Younger named World’s Best Beer

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The Russian River Brewing Company’s Pliny the Younger has been crowned the World’s Best Beer by the Beer Advocate. Pliny the Younger (not to be confused with their flagship beer, Pliny the Elder) is a once a year offering due to it’s rigorous and time consuming fermentation process. It’s released the first Friday in February at the Brewery up in Santa Rosa. The Younger has a huge cult following and it shows as there will be a line of folks wrapping around the corner waiting for it’s release. No kidding…it’s amazing brew! This triple IPA is so strong that the Brewery will only serve you two pints at a time because of it’s ass-kicking factor! Pliny is legendary and if you EVER get the chance to taste some you’ll love it!

All hail Pliny the Younger and Kudos to the Russian River Brewing Company.

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Pliny the Elder Stats

Poll: 74 percent want end to medical marijuana raids | The Raw Story

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We The People!



Poll: 74 percent want end to medical marijuana raids | The Raw Story.

Portable Chopsticks

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In the famous words of P.T. Barnum, “There is a sucker born every minute.”


The Dutch Courts Wont Budge on Pot Tourism

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A Dutch Court has ruled in favor of a law that will continue to make it illegal for tourist to buy weed. Foreigners used to be allowed to partake in the lax drug laws of Holland. Many saw this law as a death blow to the Dutch tourism industry. Apparently the Dutch courts don’t care!

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