Holy Dog review

1552 Fillmore Street, SF CA


Fillmore and Geary


I’ve been waiting for this place to open for months. Wait…Happy New Year! Ok, The place directly across from the Fillmore. Dogs, Burgers and Wings. Simple and most welcome in neighborhood that sports 293 Korean Restaurants and a 24 hour Subway. So I was excited to walk and see them open for biz.


I walked in and Carl greeted me rather warmly as it was straight up noon.  I gave the menu a once over and really could not decide. But the Fillmo Dog jumped out at me. Polish sausage with slaw and spicy bbq sauce. I went with that.

“Want a drink with that?” Carl asked

“Nah, I am cool” I replied and wandered a few feet away when the taps caught my eye.

“Beer?!!!!! You have beer? Hell, what the fuck, I want a beer…you take credit?’ as I was all out of cash from my impulse buys at the hardware store.


“Shit…hold one” as I dug through the bottomless depths of my backpack…”shit I am a few dollars short, never mind”.

“It’s cool…no worries, you can owe us!”


“Yeah Bro, it’s cool!”

Folks, if you know me at all this is how you win my everlasting devotion. Sport me a free brew and I am like feeding the stray cats in the hood. I’ll be back, with friends!


The dog was good. It’s a hot dog. The service was stellar and the place is clean. I will try the wings next and let you know how they are.

The dog was served on a sour dough roll. Nice touch in my humble opinion.

If your in the hood or at a show and just want a lil something something to nosh on stop by. It’s a solid no bullshit place!

The Fillmo Dog

Holy Dog Menu




~ by fogcityfoodie on December 28, 2011.

One Response to “Holy Dog review”

  1. Sounds like an awesome place. Kalbi cheese fries sounds yummy too. Happy New Year fogcity!

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