Wacky Jacky Review

I’ve been deep sea fishing since I can remember. It is a true passion of mine and there is nothing like landing a monster fish. There is something romantic about being out in the elements. The Pacific, the sea life, the wind and the fog…it’s pure and as old as time.

Most of us can not afford to own and maintain a boat. It’s bloody expensive! Nonetheless; you can still experience the thrill of sports fishing by getting up at 4 AM and jumping on a head boat. The basis is simple…you and 30 other Yahoos pay $100 and cram aboard some piece of shit tub that you pray doesn’t sink (at least with you on it). I’ve done a shit ton of them. The Captain is some dirt-bag asshole, the deck hands don’t give a shit if you catch a fish or not. Tangled lines? Eat fish heads land lubber!

I write this becasue I found the EXACT opposite on the Wacky Jacky. She launches off the world famous Fisherman’s Wharf on the corner of Jefferson and Jones in San Francisco. Captain Jacky Douglas is the as classy as they come. She is not your typical Captain (obviously…she’s a woman), she cares and takes great pride in getting her clients “on the fish”. Jacky has been fishing in the Golden Gate waters since the 1950’s and despite the fact that she is 81, she is still the best damn Skipper out there. Feisty and colorful are adjectives that make going out with her an adventure and a blast!

She loves to have females on the boat too and goes out of her way to make them feel special. Let’s face it…fishing has never been seen as a lady-like past time. It’s a total guys thing, right? Not on her boat! Guys, want huge brownie points? Take your special gal friend out salmon fishing. Watch her catch more and bigger fish than you. Then put up with the deck hands belittling you because gals ALWAYS out fish us; it’s just the way it is!

Speaking of deckhands, the Wacky Jacky’s crew are all class acts (as classy as a salty deckhand can be). These guys are NOT flight attendants…they are professional fisherman and if you can appreciate some blue language and their “let’s catch some fish” professionalism, you’ll see these guys are true Aces. They’ll tell/show you HOW to fish properly. It is, actually, not as easy as it looks. So if you think you know it all…they’ll gladly stand back as you ruin gear, miss bites and don’t land a single fish! Let’s just say there’s always one and these guys have a plethora of stories about “know it alls”!

The salmon season runs from May til October. The ride and reel rental came to be $120. A one day fishing license was $14. The thrill of catching your salmon limit, winning the biggest fish kitty, and seeing a white shark, sea lions, three humpback whales and a handful of porpoises was, well you know….priceless!

Wacky Jacky Sports Fishing

some guy posing with my catch


~ by fogcityfoodie on August 29, 2011.

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