Inagural Dub Fillmore Festival

If you’re around the hood this afternoon…stop by and check out the fun and festivities. The usual cast of characters are already out and about and the Dub Festival resembles a reggae fest for all you that are in the dark (like I was until I walked out to see who be “Jammin, Mon!”).



The festival will take place today; Saturday, August 6th from 10-6:30pm at Fillmore and O’farrell Street at the Gene Suttle and Fillmore Center Plaza. This event is all ages and is FREE, there will be two live stages featuring djs, live performances and over 30 local vendors who will be displaying art and goods during the festival. Grab some brews and head on down!

The lineup includes some of the Bay Areas top Dubstep and Reggae Djs featuring: Mochipet (Daly City Records), Nebakaneza (Irie Cartel), Johnnyfive (Irie Cartel), Mr. Kitt (Irie Cartel), Liam Shy (DISSØLV Live), El Diablo (Mal Label Records), Stereotech, Jah Yzer ( Jah Warrior Shelter), DJ Green B (Cooyah Ladies), DJ Daneekah (Cooyah Ladies) and Mr Lucky.



~ by fogcityfoodie on August 6, 2011.

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