Bugers at Yoshi’s?

A sign of the times

Things are tough all over. Community fixtures are not immune from the depression, shop closings are become more and more commonplace, like Fillmore Hardware, which was established in 1961. Local restaurants are also doing what they can to stay afloat. Jazz Club/Sushi Restaurant has changed it up to weather to storm. Tough times in the Fillmore….

After four years, Yoshi’s high-profile restaurant remains a work in progress. Not even sushi is sacred, although it’s the food on which the entire franchise was founded. Yoshi’s club menu now features burgers and fries, a stark contrast to head chef Sho Kamio’s typical exotic fare — but that still hasn’t saved his kitchen.

“We’re still here, but every day is a challenge,” Kajimura daid. “We have to put all of our energies into getting this place going.”
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The City’s ongoing investments in the Fillmore district

San Francisco officials have invested almost $6.5 million in upgrades to the Fillmore district. Here is where it went:

$5.5 million: Loan to owner of Fillmore Heritage Center for tenant improvements at Yoshi’s and 1300 on Fillmore
$800,000: Grants for advertising, business attraction, events, facade improvements and streetscape improvements
$95,000: Grants for marketing, promotions and CBD renewal process

Source: Office of Economic and Workforce Development

A Dixieland Band Jams at The Fillmore Jazz Festival


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