One Market Review

I really wanted to love this place as the food is fantastic. I sat at the Chef’s table and have to say the show was marvelous. The folks behind the counter were hustling and that, my friends, is a show in itself. The food is outstanding and “Dine About Town” menu makes it a no brainer. BUT, yes…there is always a but, the wait staff was a bit pushy. They were polite and we were well attended to but I was with an extremely intriguing dining companion and the two of us were having a lot of fun just hanging out. The drinks were being drunk and the bottle of a certain “Rhone Style Blend” was breathing…what’s the rush? Oh, the kitchen closes at 9 on a Friday night. That’s the rush. San Francisco’s One Market shuts down at 9 on a Friday. Seriously? I guess I should have made the reservations for the early bird.

Nothing is worse than being rushed(especially when you are laying down some coin)! You know that if you are in the “2 Minute Warning” window that you may as well just get it “To Go.” The Waitress gave us that…”you need to order asap before the kitchen closes”. So we did….the food was served up lickety split. They wanted us gone! Mr. Busboy was hovering, waiting to take the salad plates even though we were still nibbling. Dude…if the fork is in my hand you don’t have to ask if I am still working on it.  I am!

Perhaps there was an After Party and everyone was; WAIT…..”After Party” at 9 pm on a Friday? Hell, that is the “Before” Party! One Market…you need to work on the hospitality aspect of your Dining Establishment. Back off….seriously, it’s hard to enjoy a meal when the busser is waiting to snag your plate like one of the ball boys at Wimbledon.

Great Food…AWESOME Food, nice wine list, beautiful décor….8 pm reservation is pushing it if you want to enjoy a few drinks, relax, take your time and chat with your dining companions.  Do a 4:30 reservation and you’ll be Golden!


~ by fogcityfoodie on June 11, 2011.

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