Ino Sushi Review

Two words for this place: Real Deal

My former go-to sushi place, which shall go un-named, lost their liquor license so I have been scrambling for a solid, down home sushi experience. I have yet to visit the Land of the Rising Sun but have to think that this is what you would get if you went there for sushi/sashimi.

Ino is literally a Mom and Pop run restaurant that seats 16 people, maybe. I made a reservation and Papa-san answered the phone. I was hesitant because the reviews on Yelp! were so hit or miss. You either love this place or hate it and that all depends on if Papa-san loves or hates you! I reckon he loved us! They were super accommodating and extremely fast and friendly too (in the respectful Japanese way). I was sitting at the bar and discovered that this place serves traditional style rolls and sushi. You won’t find the Fillmore Love Deep fried thunder-fuck roll here. It’s either spicy, straight up or with avocado.  The sushi was melt in your mouth fresh and served sans the side dollop of wasabi we are used to. I do believe asking for a side would be about the equivalent of asking for ketchup. Papa-san takes pride in his culinary creations and you will not destroy it buy dunking it in that wasabi/light soy mixture that we have become custom to eat are sushi with. There is a $30 limit for food so you can’t go there order a Cali roll and sip tea all night.  Nonetheless; this is my new place…I spent more on sake than I did food but that’s ok because it was all well worth it and I ate very well!

Call and make a reservation…it makes them very happy and you’ll get the 5 star treatment!

Domo arigato Ino Sushi!

Ino Sushi

22 Peace Plaza #510 (Japantown)

Next to the Kabuki Hotel



~ by fogcityfoodie on June 2, 2011.

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