The European View of American Food

If anyone knows Europe, it’d be Rick Steves. I ran across this piece he wrote and really thought it worth sharing…Who’d have thought that the McDonald’s on the the Champs-Elysees is the most profitable in the world?! Seriously!?

“If you go to an American restaurant and say the food is bad, you get a coupon for a free meal. More bad food. If you say the food is bad in a restaurant in Italy, you get kicked out. To get free food here, it is vice versa—you say, ‘This is the best beefsteak I’ve ever eaten.’ Chef will then say, ‘You must try the dessert.’ You say, ‘Oh no.’ He says, ‘Here. Please. Take it for free.'”


~ by fogcityfoodie on May 7, 2011.

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