The Farm-Free Salmon Pledge

Salmon season opened yesterday, May 1st and the catch was not all that good. Lots of “lil” ones (aka throwbacks…anything under 27 inches) but the big hogs are few are far between. They’re out there…I know it, just give it another month or so. Nonetheless; the three year ban on both commercial and sport salmon fishing has led many restaurants to purchase farm raised fish. Just say “NO” to farm raised salmon.

Fish. restaurant in Sausalito, Ca. is taking the first step by introducing the Farm-Free Salmon pledge. Restaurants and retailers taking this pledge will remove farmed salmon from their menus and shelves using only wild salmon when it is available. By doing this, they will protect the marine food webs that are plundered to support farmed salmon, prevent the waste that open ocean pens produce, and eliminate the possibility of escape of non-native species into our west coast ecosystems while supporting the fishing communities that depend on healthy oceans and wild salmon populations for their future.

Restaurants that have taken the Farm-Free Salmon Pledge

Farm-Free Salmon


~ by fogcityfoodie on May 2, 2011.

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