Hippie Hill on 4/20/11 at 4:20

The annual celebration and festivities occurred once again in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park today.  The edge of the Haight was the place to be today as it was the yearly homage to all things 4:20-esque.

It was the usual cast of weirdos, freaks, thugs and San Francisco Cops on horseback. Here are a few pictures to enjoy just in case you didn’t feel like showing up. There were more bands this year. The Jug Town Pirates sang about Mendocindo Mary….they were having technical difficulties for the duration of their “set”(actually they only played one song…does one long song count as a set; Dead Heads??!!). Nevertheless, it didn’t seem to stop the hula hoopers, freaky yogis and spinning hippy chicks. Best in show was the drummer dude on the apex of the hill, the lady dressed as as the Easter Bunny pushing her Animal the Muppet bicycle and Jahlectric . I love the horn player’s dog! Happy 420!

Hippie Yoga Chick


Jug Town Pirates

I was walking the dog and a jam session broke out

Hippie Hill 4/20/11 at 4:20

I love SF!


~ by fogcityfoodie on April 20, 2011.

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