Sweet Maple Review

I need to start off by saying Sweet Maple is where the Winterland concert venue used to be. RIP Winterland!

I took the plunge and finally tried this place. I had a coupon from one of the sfgate.com coupon deals…you know groupon or pinchit . The décor is awesome and they have a long ass bar that seats at least 20 folks. Very warm feeling and welcoming. The service is attentive and my coffee cup was always full. These folks even serve beer and champagne for mimosas, which is huge in my book. Because when you need to a drink, lord knows, it’s usually to dodge a hangover. Nice thinking Sweet Maple!

I only have one issue, and it pains me to say this…it’s the food. I ordered the Haas Omelet; eggs, with bacon, avocado and Swiss. Easy…but they put a funky herb in the eggs and all over the fabulous home fries (could be best home fries in the city, btw, sans weird herb) I can’t put my finger on it. I have yet to tear apart my spice cabinet to figure it out…but I am sure that will come next. Not sure why they added the weird herb to our eggs. The plate could have been perfect. Sometimes solid and old school should be left alone. Nevertheless, it was just off, weird and silly.

Back to the taters…they were multicolored fingerlings fried up like crispy lil pommes frites. They rocked! So if you go…perhaps try the French toast or Pancakes with a side of potatoes…or say, “Hold the weird green herb, I’ll roll my own”!


~ by fogcityfoodie on April 14, 2011.

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