Gamine Bistro Review

Sometimes you find a place that you like so much that you really don’t want to divulge the information to anyone.  Keep it as your “ace in the hole” or your special suggestion “go to” restaurant. I found such a place in the Cow Hollow District of San Francisco. It’s Gamine on Union and Fillmore.

It was a late Friday night dinner and I was thinking that a 9:30 meal would be an easy grab a table kinda deal. Gamine was raftered and it was rumored that it would be a 25 minute wait…so we made the decision to stick it out. We asked if we could wait outside and have a glass of wine.  Ya, trendsetting, I know!

The owners of the place were incredible attentive and that is ALWAYS a good sign. Sometimes when you’re waiting outside you can be an afterthought. Not here. We were given wine and checked with twice. Once assuring us that our table was 10 minutes out.

So…I have made it clear that they are attentive, I was also asked if I needed help with the wine list, which is code for “ask me about the wine list”. Good things come to those who ask! So, I bit. I was drinking the house red. To be honest I was rather enamored with my dining companion and was on sensation overload. Details were escaping me….I only mention that fact because we were served a fantastic Dry Creek Grenache blend that was so damn tasty I wanted to tell you about it by name. I dropped the ball, folks. It was mentioned by the owner, that it was not on the menu and it was one of his favorites. Goddamn, you can’t go wrong with that suggestion can you? If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound? Hell yes…I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned it unless I could remember it. Let’s just chalk that one up as tasty wine.

So we are having tasty wine and decided to do French Onion Soup. When in Rome, right? Perfection in a bowl. The Gruyere on top was a perfect golden brown. The true test though…the broth. It was incredibly rich and beefy. The soup wasn’t too damn hot to eat either. A perfect presentation. I’ll give it an A +! No shit, that good. The weather, as of late, screamed F.O.S. and I heeded the call!  This is the PEFECT San Francisco soup!

We were then talked into the Moules Mainiere (muscles in white wine) and a side of Frittes au aioli. Heaven in a bowl! We were actually advised to use the fries as a dipping vessel for the incredible savory broth that the muscles were steamed in. I suggested a couple of straws! My compliments to the chef!

As a special treat we were given a glass of port to top of the incredible meal. This place is a gem. Tucked in a bit and a perfect date spot. Hearty food with gregarious and generous owners. Check it out, you’ll be stoked that you did!

Moules Mariniere


~ by fogcityfoodie on March 26, 2011.

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