Out the Door Review

Sometimes fate leads you to places that you would not ever go. It was the beginning of a rainy Saturday night on the Fillmore. The Tiger Blood Trio was sans reservations to any of the popular dining establishments on the strip. We started at the foot of the Crawl and did not fret when 1300 was raftered. Perhaps a little stroll of the beaten path may favor our venture? Indeed, my friends. The decision to veer left was perhaps the best dining decision made this year!

Out The Door is an offshoot if the very popular Slanted Door in the San Francisco Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. It is located on Bush Street ‘tween Steiner and Fillmore. A diamond in the rough and literally just off the beaten path! The service, food, ambience and approach here is all top notch!

We started with rolls which are nicely divided for sharing. crispy imperial rolls and the fresh shrimp rolls. They were delivered up in no time and we were off! Our dilemma, as I was later informed, was that we had more wine than food and as there was a quest for perfection on this particular weekend so we could have none of that. We must order more to create balance. A feng shui of gastronomy! Once again, by fate and en vino veritas, my dining companion made the winning decision to try the hoison ribs for the table. A heaping plate of steaming riblets arrived to our delight. No doubt, THE Best Asian style ribs in SF, folks, you heard it here!

Our mains were the duck, double fried and served up perfectly juicy and tender, the beef satay, which was solid, and the spicy lamb. The lamb was a show stopper. The spicy sauce was rich and glazed the stir friend strips to a shiny wholesome gloss. I actually forgot the dish was lamb and was really focusing on the depth of the sauce when the gaminess of the lamb ever so gently complemented the taste in my mouth. KA-blamoo! What a taste sensation.

We were treated to a little surprise whilst enjoying a French press of some excellent coffee. A heaping scoop of Thai Basil ice cream was placed center table for our critique. It didn’t last long!

This place Rocks!

Out the Door with Chili Lamb Love


~ by fogcityfoodie on March 7, 2011.

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