How to Make Butter

Life is funny. I had a quart of heavy cream sitting in the fridge and was searching for a recipe that would use most of it. What to make…a sauce? Cookies? Perhaps a cream based soup?  How about butter!? Can one make butter? WTF! How do you make butter?

A few weeks ago a good friend and I were discussing food and cooking techniques when we came upon the conclusion that neither of us knew how to make butter.

It is funny how the universe listens and answers! My recipe quest lead me to a butter recipe! Bingo!

What you need:

2 cups heavy cream

¼ teaspoon salt

a blender or food processor or a mason jar even


How to do it:

Put the salt and cream in the blender and blend(or just shake it up in your mason jar) on low/medium-low(10 minutes or so) until the liquid gets gummy and of a warm butter-like consistency.

Make sure you stop at this point. If not, it will separate (not good).

Remove and drain off excess liquid using the cheesecloth (or just do your best to separate solid from liquid). The excess is actually buttermilk. Save it for whatever you use buttermilk for. Maybe some buttermilk shooters?

That is it!

I plan on trying to incorporate some honey next time around. Hell, try throwing some garlic in there or even red peppers for a spicy bite!


~ by fogcityfoodie on December 18, 2010.

One Response to “How to Make Butter”

  1. COOL! You can now make all kinds of butter!

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