Thanksgiving Eve 2010

This is my staging area for the morning. I had to share the photo. I am fixing to cook and produce a major feast. Here is the menu:


almond-coated Dungeness crab cheese ball with Central Valley grapes served with toasted sesame seed flat bread


10.16 lbs Marin Sun Farms 100%  loved, free range Gobbler (brined, air dried and gently massaged)


smashed Russet taters, Black Pig bacon bits

Black Pig bacon, porcini mushroom, Italian sausage sourdough stuffing

french-cut green bean casserole (hell ya it’s topped with Durkee’s!)

Cornish cornbread cheddar casserole

Wisconsin Cranberries in an orange juice, brown sugar reduction

corn out of a can (just because)

Flaky Gems, served piping hot and buttered to hell


Homemade Apple-Blueberry Pie ala mode!!!!!!


Before – Korbel Brut Odwalla Mimosas

During – Intelligent Design Cuvee

After – Porto Krohn Vintage 1991


Bailey’s on the rocks


~ by fogcityfoodie on November 24, 2010.

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