Louis’ Restaurant, San Francisco* (updated)

Louis’ Restaurant

902 Point Lobos Avenue

San Francisco, CA, 94121

You have seen the place…we all have. But have you been in to try the food? This place is smack dab in the middle of the most scenic spots on the West Coast in my humble opinion.  Sea Cliff.

Louis’ is a family run restaurant and has been since 1937. I am not sure how they scored the spot they have but they did and it is incredible! Their only competition in the view department has to be the Cliff House, which is their immediate neighbor and just 500 feet down the road.

Word up…cash only and they only serve pancakes and French toast until noon, waffles until 2 pm. So if you want brunch get there for breakfast!

The food is classic diner style and from what I saw there, as it was my first time, was the place was rocking at 12:30 on a Monday. 15 minute wait for a table and the counter was elbow to elbow too.

The wait-staff is SUPER FRIENDLY and seemed to go out of their way to make us comfortable. Maybe that is why I noticed a rather large number of “regulars” there? It sure doesn’t hurt to have a stellar wait staff!

Ok…on to the chow! I had a cheeseburger…1/4 lbs patty cooked medium rare (I was asked how I like it…bonus points) with fries and a coke…all standard and rather hard to fuck up. Tasty but nothing to stand up and scream over!

My dining companion ordered the waffle…and critiqued it as, “taste like an Eggo and Eggo Waffles are the best.” Accompanying the waffle was a Black and White Malted Milkshake (ordered separately…that would be a rather strange combo).  The malted is a served in the mixing tin and enough for two shakes. I tasted it and was puzzled and intrigued by the malt(ed) taste. I think I like it…more than a regular shake? I will have to test, retest, contemplate and get back to you on that!

There is an ATM in the restaurant for the cash-less. So if you space you are covered…as long as you have $ in the bank.  The tables are very close as the space is tight…It’ll give you a communal feeling.

The Golden Gate Rec. folks are going to put the lease on this property up for auction, standard protocol for those wanting to sign a long term lease. Louis’ may be getting the boot by a higher bidder.  They may be going bye-bye…Get there and show them some love before this is another one of those…”God Damn it! They’re closed and I always wanted to eat there” scenarios happens!

And sign the petition to keep them around….

Save Louis’ Restaurant Petition


Louis' Restaurant


*UPDATE: As of 10/19/2010 Louis’ signed a 10 year lease, here are the details: Louis’ New Lease. Please note the Remodeling dates!

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One Response to “Louis’ Restaurant, San Francisco* (updated)”

  1. I have been to Cliff House a few times, but never here. Thanks for the heads up about the auction thing. So sad.

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