2001 Thai Stick on Fillmore, San Francisco

I am really not sure if the name of place is Thai Stick and 2001 is the address or if it is 2001 Thai Stick. Either way the Marquee reads “2001 Thai Stick” and it is located on the corner of Pine and Fillmore. I have been going to place for close to a decade now. It has gone through many a changes, however; a few things stand out and are constants here. The food and the prettiest wait-staff this side of the Harry’s(which is actually just across the street).

Before I get into their cuisine I want to talk about the bar. Go figure, ya?! I have spend many special occasions in the lounge. Not on purpose, it just seems to work out that way. C’est la vie, no? Good times, bad times…either way the lounge area at Thai Stick is the perfect retreat. There is a really long-ass bar and several tvs(4 flat screen 51 inch plasma tv’s for game watching). Ya, ok…that is the reason why I like this place. It has a pseudo sports bar. However, it also has leather couches(they stretch as long as the bar goes) for chilling and watching the game. The sports theme here is not new…it took over after they gave up on the Karaoke. Thank motherfucking god…nothing could make me cross a restaurant off my list any quicker…Thai food and karaoke? No thanks! I would rather sit alone in my apartment and listen to the neighbor’s cat in heat. Actually I wouldn’t…but after too many beers I will sing…and that my friends is not something you want to hear before a meal or especially while you are eating. Yes…My song is “Free Bird” or abba’s “S.O.S.“!

So they have a bar and play sports on their tvs…what more do you need to know? Happy Hour is $3 drafts(Anchor and Stella….I didn’t really pay attention to the other stuff (I can be a beer snob….and a wine snob….and most certainly a food snob too)…Appetizers are $5. Not sure of the hours…so basically I am winging this post. I would say Happy Hour is between 4 and 7. That is a total guess but I have been doing the Happy Hour scene for many a year. Trust me…it’s a safe bet! So we’ll just say 4-7.

The food at 2001 is the main reason I am writing this post. Their Thai food is straight up solid. No bullshit, no crazy shit…just solid Thai food. I preferably love Grandma’s Egg Rolls. Not Thai but awesome anyway. Served with a sweet sauce that is super tasty and add a super special sweetness to the hot and crispy egg rolls. Be careful as they lil bastards are always 500 degrees and have scorched the roof of many a hasty patron. Let them cool, your pie hole will thank me!

The pad thai is my go-to. Can’t go wrong…slightly sweet and noodley goodness. Excellent…say no more!

The curry’s are off the hook. I have done the green, yellow and the pumpkin. If you are feeling frisky try the pumpkin. A lil spicy but so yummy. I think coconut milk is the bomb. I like it in my curry…I love it in my Pina Colada! Mother’s milk! Nonetheless; their curries are smoking!

BUT, I have to say that my favorite thing on the menu is the pla sam rod. You can choose between salmon or cod. I have done both…I prefer the cod. Nice flakey white fish deep fried and served in a spicy sweet garlic pepper sauce and crispy Thai Basil. Incredible and a most do! I have had this dish delivered but it just doesn’t hold up in a to go box. Do this one at the restaurant. Crispy, crunchy, sweet and spicy. What is there not to love?

I will also let you in on a little secret….this place is just a great spot to get in, kick up the feets and grab a beer during the Jazzfest. It is always quiet, cool and a nice retreat. I am a local…I know these things.


~ by fogcityfoodie on September 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “2001 Thai Stick on Fillmore, San Francisco”

  1. You are like the “OFFICIAL” guide for Fillmore. No doubt-

  2. I hate to be a douche, but liking Stella and Anchor doesn’t make you a beer snob. It means you “think” you’re a beer snob, but you haven’t even scratched the surface.

    • You called me out! I am actually the furthest thing form a beer snob/food snob. I will drink anything (minus St Pauli, Sam Adams or ouzo) and have even sipped sterno. I will eat anything too (except offal and canned tuna). So you are right on Jez!

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