Humming Ale – Anchor Brewing Company

Humming Ale Anchor Brewing Company

There is something magical about fall in San Francisco. I am not sure if it is that we finally get our summer or if it is just that time of the year? Fall ushers in a rebirth in The City. Call it Indian Summer, call it Fall, I call it awesome. There is sunshine and warm weather and No Bloody Fog! Don’t get me wrong I love the fog…but we got socked this year and a few weeks of sunshine (our SF Summer) is exactly what the doctor ordered. It got so gloomy around here I started taking Vitamin D supplements to compensate for the sun! All that bullshit to say that it was a beautiful day and I drank a kick ass beer that I found worthy to write about.

I was in the Ghetto Safeway…. all alone, in the Beer Aisle. This is where some heavy contemplation usually occurs. Today was no different. Foster oil cans are always $2 a pop at Safeway. A sure thirst quencher and a whole lotta beer for a Hamilton. But out of the corner of my eye I see something familiar yet different at the same time. A new Anchor Steam? A special release….something I have not yet tasted? Be damned Fosters! I am drinking the Anchor as…as…as a public service! Hell ya! I am drinking this Hummer Ale to alert and report to the fine folks of_____________(insert a place) and doing the duty of Patriot! Yes! A Patriot!

I purchased the sixer. (man can not judge on one sip) and hurried across the street to the Fillmore Beach and quickly popped one open. I have tasted this before I thought to myself…..perhaps a little bit more hoppy than a regular Anchor Steam but nothing off the hook. OK, so I am drinking a slightly hoppier Anchor. Sweet! I love Anchor Steam! So there it is…Humming Ale taste like a slightly hoppier Anchor. If you like Anchor Steam…you will like Humming Ale.

The brew is an anniversary ale celebrating the move to their present facilities at 1705 Mariposa Street in San Francisco. 5.9% Alc by Volume and it will be around until November 2010. Grab a sixer…it is a classic Anchor Steam Ale that is a light hoppy classic Anchor…perfect for a San Francisco Fall!

Humming Ale - Anchor Brewing


~ by fogcityfoodie on September 23, 2010.

One Response to “Humming Ale – Anchor Brewing Company”

  1. You are too funny! Lol. I think this is what i will bring to my friends party coming up. Thank you.

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