The Long Bar on Fillmore

There are some places that just can’t get it right. I don’t blame the owners or the chefs…I blame the location. The Long Bar on Fillmore and Clay in the Pacific Heights District is one of those spots. I have seen it go from a Mexican restaurant, to the Fillmore Cafe to the Long Bar to it’s new name and style, which has yet to be let out of the bag. I have to say the food was  good. Mac n Cheese with Truffle oil. Fuck ya! But the wine list sucked and the servers didn’t know shit about what the had to offer. But I did love the lighting and the bar itself was sweet. It reminded me of a Rich Uncle’s old school den. Dark wood and dim lighting. It was boss. I am actually glad it is just reincarnating itself. It breaks my heart to see a place with so much potential close them up. I think they should cater to the lunch crowds and make a solid inexpensive lunch menu for the folks that work up at the hospital up on Clay. Jesus…that is easy business if you ask me! But what do I know?! Not sure if I want my doctor coming down for a three martini lunch before that procedure I have scheduled…ya feel me? But then again, why not! Roll the dice!

idea number two: Mega Happy Hour…all day every day!

Here is the article from the SF Gate with all the details: The Long Bar Re-Do


~ by fogcityfoodie on September 13, 2010.

One Response to “The Long Bar on Fillmore”

  1. you got me at Mac & Cheese with Truffle oil. And I vote for mega happy hour all day with 3 martinis on the house esp for doctors going into Ops special. ha ha…a whole bunch of pac height drunks in the house. too funny

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