Seabright Brewery, Restaurant, Bar and Pub, Santa Cruz, California

Seabright Brewery

519 Seabright Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

I have been spending some time on the Central Coast as of late and have found some places that I feel worthy to share. It was a lovely day in Santa Cruz on Wednesday…It was warm but not hot, the perfect California Beach day. I was in the mood for a burger and, of course, a beer. I decided to try the Seabright Brewery…aptly named for the fact that the Pub is on Seabright in Santa Cruz and Brewery because they Brew(that sentence was going no where from the beginning).  I could easily become a local at a place that has solid grub and good beer. Alas…until then I am a food and drink vagabond, the Kwai Chang Caine of the Nor Cal culinary scene.

I gave the menu a once over and ordered a long time favorite…a red beer…The Seabright Amber is a smooth drinking beer with a crimson hue. Lovely and slightly hoppy. It was  perfect to sip one of these whilst waiting for the burger that I ordered. Here is how the Seabright describes the Amber…

Seabright Amber
Full bodies and deep copper-red in color, our amber ale has a rich malty aroma and flavor with an assertive hop character. Approx. 5% alc/vol.

Seabright Amber

I saw on the menu, as I was pondering how to dress my burger, that the Seabright has award winning fries. Having saw that the salad or fruit cup accompaniment option was out the window. Seriously! a Western burger and a salad? Come on Nancy…be a big boy and saddle up to French fries! The buger was a half pound monster cooked medium and topped with bbq sauce, onion rings, cheddar cheese and, word to your Mama…Bacon!

Western Burger

The burger was excellent. Juicy and perfect! The fries were coated in flour and had a really nice crunch on the outside while being fluffy on the inside. Great fries. Not the best I have ever had(that would be at the Dhahran Rolling Hills Country Club)…but solid, nevertheless…I haven’t had any other fries in Santa Cruz so as far as I know they are the best on the Central Coast.


I polished off the burger but still wasn’t sated. Hmmm…perhaps another beer as dessert?! Perhaps, Indeed! I went for the seasonal wheat beer.  This was a perfect “sitting on the deck in the sunshine” beer.  It was light and fruity and super easy to drink, if I had to do it again I would have ordered the hefeweizen first. Damn drinkable…and it comes with garnish!

Say Hey Wheat

Say Hey Wheat

The boys of summer are back, so we released a nice filtered wheat beer. Amarillo hops give this beer a citrus nose to the finish. So grab a pint, watch nine innings with friends, and enjoy. (Note: there are no human growth hormones in this beer!) Approx. 4.8% alc/vol.

Here is the essential info….regular prices : Sample: $2.00 • 12oz: $4.00 • 16oz: $5.00 • Pitcher: $12.00.

Happy Hour prices are killer!

Happy Hour: Monday – Friday, 3pm – 6pm
$3.50 pints • $7.00 pitcher • $3.50 well

$7 pitchers?  That is unheard of! They should consider themselves lucky that I don’t live too close…I would drink them out of beer!

The patio is dog friendly and there were a bunch of pooches just chilling and fun was had by man and beast. This is a solid pub/restaurant/brewery/bar. Good food, cheap-ass fresh suds, a great Santa Cruz vibe.


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