Silver Spur, Santa Cruz, CA

A Road Trip to Monterey

There is absolutely nothing like a road trip. It is a glorious thing to have the wind in your hair and the sound of the road roaring about you…with the tunes cranked and the warm air brings that nonchalant attitude that makes one feel ultimately free. And like a kid again. The fog broke on the Northern California coast and it ushered in a high pressure system that kicked my ass this last week. The heat in the city reached up into the mid 90’s and not a breeze to be found. I decided to get out and play summer… I hopped in the Beast and jammed on down to Santa Cruz where I would spend the evening before heading over to Monterey to cruise Cannery Row and the always impressive Monterey Aquarium.

Breakfast was on the later side and I would call it more of a brunch.  Since I am not familiar with the Central Coast my companion suggested we try Silver Spur. From what I heard about this place I was in for a treat. I love me a good breakfast and being a southerner when I can get my grubby little paws on a CFS (Chicken Fried Steak) I am one Happy Camper. Wouldn’t you know it was the Special on this particular Wednesday. I am getting way ahead of myself…Silver Spur is one of those places that does breakfast and lunch, only…. Open 6am-3pm…they are so good they don’t need to mess with dinner! Hell, they are so good they are closed on Sunday! Yup…closed for the busiest breakfast day of the week. Ya, these guys are that good!

All the baked goods are made fresh there and the deal is with your breakfast you can swap any of your breads for what ever your little heart wants. If you want pancakes instead of toast…you got it! Want a muffin? They’re fresh! And homemade…Lemon poppy seed was the muffin du jour and I had a bitch of a time deciding between the blueberry pancake or the homemade Cinnamon Roll of Love. I went Cinnie Roll and it was served with warm whipped butter.  Perfectly sweet but not overly so. It was big and so damn tasty I actually ate as dessert and almost could not finish it…I did, no worries!

I ordered CFS and it too was homemade…freshly breaded and cooked on the grill.  I could actually taste the sausage that it was cooked next to on the griddle. Made with love, perfectly crispy and covered in a lovely country gravy(more sausage). All in all, the gravy was light and not the gut buster I was fearing. The plate was served up with home fried taters that were cooked to my liking, crispy and not soggy.  Best breakfast I have had in ages….

This place is all about feeding you. The wait staff was a no-bullshit, friendly lot that were working at a frenzied pace but still warm enough to smile. I would be a local here if it were closer to mi casa. If you get a chance…TRY THIS PLACE, it is actually worth a trip down the coast. No shit. It is that good!

The Silver Spur Restaurant
Monday-Saturday 6 am-3 pm

2650 Soquel Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95065
Phone 831-475-2725

Silver Spur Marquee

The Best Damn Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs in Nor Cal

Homemade Cinnie Roll

I am not going to try to tell you about the Aquarium…I am no Doc from Steinbeck’s Cannery Row. I will say….Go if you haven’t and Go again if you already have. I want a sea otter for Xmas…Hear that Santa!? And an octopus!

I did want to mention the bars and eateries on Cannery Row. This place is exactly like Fisherman’s Wharf in the city…DON’T FUCKING EAT HERE! I knew better, I did, seriously I did…but the traffic on the roads prompted us to hang at Sly McFly’s for a few cocktails. Overpriced, weak and as watered-down as Aquaman’s piss. Do yourself a favor… bring a hip flask and pack a cooler of beers in the car, deal with the traffic and avoid the tourist traps. Don’t wear socks and sandals and try not to look like a god damn German Tourist…bring a sweater! I need to follow my own advice!

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  1. Omg, that chicken fried steak is smother in gravy. Looks crazy good.

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