2010 San Francisco Street Food Festival – Just in Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up

There is nothing like a really good street vendor…especially if the chow that the vendor is hawking is your comfort food. The 2nd Annual San Francisco Street Food Festival was held this weekend down in the Mission and there was a ton of really good food there. Some, off the hook fantastic…others, nasty as shit. The scene was a massive clusterfuck but the idea behind it is stellar. Here is the premise. Invite local street vendors/food trucks (think high end, not roach coach) and have them peddle their goods at a central location…close off the streets in the heart of the Mission, serve some cold beers and hooch, throw in some jams, a little bit of sunshine, the Latin flair that is “The Mission”, some hipster doofus Mission clowns and, all in all, have a party. I likes me the party too! I sampled a ton of really good food…I sampled some real crap. Here is some of the stuff that really stuck out in my mind. I have to thank my fabulous PA/street pilot/producer/parking princess and date for being a good sport and not letting the crowds(or the camera operator) get her down…

Chez Papa Resto Stuffed Figs – grilled figs stuffed with bleu cheese wrapped in prosciutto. Fantastic idea and creative as hell but they really didn’t taste. Rather bland. I would definitely give them another go-round though. Just a great sounding dish. I am thinking it was still early. Hell, I may just do this one myself…Maybe drizzle a honey over the whole damn thing. Fig, bleu cheese, prosciutto…served warm with a honey drizzle…maybe that was it…ours were cold as ice…hmmmm?!

Bi-Rite Creamery – Malted Milk Chocolate Ice Cream on Chocolate Chip Cookies…HEAVEN

Anda Piroshki  – Apple, Cranberry, and Almond Piroshki. Nasty-ass whole grain dough with unsweet filing. Tasted like cardboard.

Sabores del Sur Alfajores – described as both “classic shortbread and dulce de leche cookies from South America” and “delicate round butter cookies filled with dulce de leche caramel and dusted with powdered sugar”. I would say they were shortbread, not butter cookies.  Tasty…c’mon! There freaking cookies. Even bad cookies have their place!

Soul Cocina  – Indian Goat Curry – Nasty…Way too much all-spice. We really wanted to like this. We actually chucked after a couple of bites.

Beretta – Spicy Marinara Meatball Slider…Solid Meatball, no frills. Veal? Pork? l-o-v-e!

Azalina’s – Malaysian “Caesar” Salad with Peanut Dressing – Don’t know why it was called a Caesar salad; it was just Iceberg lettuce and dressing….but the dressing was awesome!

Kika’s Treats – S’more – burnt graham crackers really ruined this dessert. You ask can one fuck up chocolate? The answer is yes!

Clairesquares – Clairesquares – TWIX like candy that were really made with love. Milk and dark chocolate. We are split on which is better. Try them both and see for yourself!

Onigilly – Japanese rice balls. Triangular sushi made with canned tuna and covered in nori…I didn’t taste but it was thrown out after her first bite…seriously? Chicken of the Sea?!

Roli Roti –Pork Loin. I was shooting thos guy and caught him sopping the bread he was using to make the sammies in the jus of the roast. I commented that what he was doing is “MAGIC”..he gave us a sample of skin/fat/meat….so good. They are my new favorite people. Yes, I really am that easy!

The Whole Tortilla – Tamale Shot. Yummy vegan “tamalito” (little tamale) with spinach, corn, chiles, and onion. She loved it…I am not a big masa fan.

Brass Knuckle – Meatallica (pork waffle sandwich). Described as a “roast pork sandwich with parsley herb magic, ham, swiss cheese, and pickle on a rosemary waffle”.  Jesus would have served these at the last supper…if he could have scored a decent waffle iron.

Kung Fu Taco – Chicken Taco. Described as “grilled chicken marinated in garlic-ginger sauce topped with Asian salsa”. Spicy and tasty. You have to love the fusion. Although the Mu Shu has been using “wraps” for ever!

Curry Up Now Paneer Tikka Masala Burrito. Described as “fresh La Palma tortilla, methi pulao (that was the seasoned rice), pickled onions, and chana (chickpeas) and paneer or chicken tikka masala”. We did the Paneer and it was awesome. Creamy and spicy, Magnificant. Blue Ribbon of the whole damn shooting match if you ask me!

Check this out in HD and full screen(the way god intended it to be viewed)! Does it make your mouth water?


~ by fogcityfoodie on August 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “2010 San Francisco Street Food Festival – Just in Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up”

  1. Awesome vid. Looks like you guys ate a lot of yummy food. Lol, love that! 🙂 The guy in the vid wearing that I ❤ NY apron need to seriously rethink his apron though…really. Aside from the Curry Up Now truck, I have never eaten at any of those places you mentioned..thanks for the post!

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