Dry Creek Kitchen, Sonoma

Everybody in SF loves wine tasting…EVERYBODY! It is without a doubt my favorite thing to do in Nor Cal. What is better than catching a buzz and then having a fantastic gourmet dinner made from the freshest local ingredients? Nothing, right?!

I was in Sonoma recently and stopped by the Dry Creek Kitchen for dinner after a fabulous day of wine tasting. The decor of the place is awesome and we decided to sit outside as the sun was setting. It is the thing to do! We started of with the cold seafood sampler. It had lobster, crab, oysters, clams and muscles…It was awesome.

Dry Creek Kitchen Cold Seafood Platter

There were 4 in our party and we demolished the  seafood platter before moving up to the second course… We each ordered a different second course so we could share. We ordered scallops, bone marrow, muscles with pomme frittes and a romaine heart salad…

bone marrow second course



Romaine Hearts


Since we all ordered different apps I think we all decided to get the same entree so we wouldn’t have to share. Forgive me for being rather vague with the descriptions but I was kinda toasted at this point. Par for the course in Sonoma!  For the main course we each had a New York Prime cooked Medium rare served with crispy taters and a poached quail egg and a side of pork confit…I have to say…the meat was cold and all in all lacking. Kind of a let down. But it looked kick ass, don’t ya think?

New York Prime

I have to say this place has amazing potential but the wait staff is inattentive, the food was very expensive and decent except for the main course which was a bit of a let down….Not sure if it was the kitchen or the wait staff but I do believe somebody dropped the ball?! I would go back if someone else was paying….or perhaps hit them again for a lunch deal?


~ by fogcityfoodie on August 9, 2010.

One Response to “Dry Creek Kitchen, Sonoma”

  1. sometimes a place gets sloppy when they are well-known or riding on reputation. sorry to hear about your cold main course and inattentive service. 😦 sounds like if we go we should just eat apps here.

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