Harris’ Steakhouse

I have to say that this is the best place to get a steak in SF. I have had some killer meals here. A great place to go to celebrate. The King Eider Martinis come served in their own little crafts and buckets of ice. Very cool! A fantastic ever-changing wine list and a solid wait staff(professional). The baked potatoes come naked and then a server will come over and dress it as you like. Yes…there is bacon! The salads are solid although the iceberg wedge was a bit drenched…if that is a problem, take warning. I like it like that. It was actually dressed with a homemade ranch and Sonoma feta cheese dressing, garnishing the wedge were a couple of olives and two of the best orange cherry tomotoes I have ever had. They were so sweet they could have been candy!

I had prime rib cooked medium rare and served with creamed spinach and au jus. The creamed spinach was excellent and a perfect compliment. The prime rib was exactly that…PRIME! Melt in your mouth, cut this bad boy with a spoon tender. I enjoyed it with fresh horseradish…ohhh, burn me baby!

For dessert, yes, there was dessert! I saved room! I actually took more than half the dinner home with me. I’ll get two more meals out it! For sure! Chocolate Guinness cake with Guinness ice cream! oh ya, and a 20 year Dow tawny port. The cake and ice cream were great…couldn’t really taste the Guinness but it was good nevertheless…as was the port!

All in all a fantastic meal and a great way to top of a sun drenched day of NHRA drag racing! Burning rubber, Nitro, a gorgeous date and prime rib?! Color me one lucky sum bitch!

We sat in the lounge a few tables away from the three piece jazz band…really cool and, well, loungy! Make a reservation if you have a heads up because there will be a wait! We lucked out, but it was that kind of day!

Harris’ Restaurant Web Site


~ by fogcityfoodie on July 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Harris’ Steakhouse”

  1. Hmm..sounds awesome! Makes one wonder whether to have the desserts first before the steak though. Lol. Great post!

  2. […] of a God. OK, maybe not as good as Guinness Ice Cream and Chocolate Cake with Guinness Frosting (My Harris’ Post) or Quaaludes and Cream, but really close…and legal too! Thanks to Adagio at Italian Handful […]

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