Joe’s Cable Car Restaurant

Joe's Cable Car

Joe's Cable Car Restaurant

There are two things that really pique my interest, a so-called San Francisco Institution and a cheeseburger. Combine the two and I am all for it.

It is one of the prettiest days in memory. The sun is shining and the call of the open road beckons me. An adventure is a much needed diversion from the norm and I want to take full advantage of my beautiful San Francisco on a Wednesday afternoon. The truck has been parked for the better part of May and I need to rev’ her up and blow out the headers. The possibilities are endless and the sky is clear. It dawns on me that I should incorporate a little writing and critiquing while I am at it. Roll that son of a bitch into one and call it a day. I choose a destination that has long been of interest to me….Joe’s Cable Car Restaurant in the Excelsior District of SF….ya, ya, ya…I know. It’s a 6 mile trip. But in San Francisco the Excelsior may as well be Santa Cruz. If I can’t walk there it’s a road trip!

I have heard many a story about this place and I figured it was about time to see what all the talk was about. Joe’s has been around since 1965 and his claim to fame is that he grounds/grinds fresh chuck daily to craft his burgers. He has the “institution” part down pat…when I walked in the first thing I noticed was Tony Bennett playing as the house music. Point for Joe’s. Second…I was actually sitting at the table next to the owner, Joe, point two. Third… Joe was eating a burger. Ya, hat trick!

I ordered a 6 oz. Medium rare bacon burger, no pickles, with American cheese and a small side of onion rings and a coke. The burger was served up un-assembled and cooked to utter(no pun) perfection. The bacon was thick and crisp and the cheese added a creaminess that added up to bliss. The onion rings were very well battered, not greasy and crunchy. The meal was piping hot, served with a smile and the gals kept an attentive eye on me. I have to admit the meal was a bit pricey ($25 with tax) but in the old adage…you get what you pay for. If your drunk Uncle Larry’s backyard bonzai bugers were to fuck the House of Prime Rib, Joe’s would be the offspring. They are good! Best in the city….maybe, maybe not!

This place is perfect for Saturday afternoon “grub and nap” and I would say, bring a friend and share. This place is great! Beer and wine too! Yes…BEER and WINE!





Joe’s Cable Car Restaurant


~ by fogcityfoodie on May 26, 2010.

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