128 Beers and Too Much Ammo

The premise was simple. Let’s go camping to celebrate the Birthday Month(it’s actually two months but wtf!). I flew into Phoenix and then we headed north to the Mogion Rim. The idea was to camp at 7500 feet, drink a few beers, shoot some guns, grill some food, sit around the fire and to do it way far out in the middle of nowhere. Realistically, we were 30 miles out of Strawberry, Arizona(think up and over). Deep in the Arizona wilderness…now I know you are probably thinking desert and saguaros but that is not where we went. I am talking the Coconino National Forest and nights that would freeze the balls of a Sasquatch.  Our journey crossed paths with one American bald eagle, one red-tailed hawk, one Mexican wolf (he was on the boogie so we didn’t have a chance to check his papers) and the bones of one picked-clean elk. We heard the call of the coyote at sunset and the gobble of the wild turkey in the morn.

I had one of the tastiest burritos ever; hand crafted from my camping companion. The recipe is as follows:

Flat Iron Steak Burritos

95 Bud Lights

one can of black beans

one cup of sharp cheddar cheese

one flat iron steak (1.5 – 2 lbs)

fresh tortillas

Montreal steak seasoning

The real key to getting this to be one of the best meals you will ever have is don’t eat all day….but drink roughly 25-30 beers before you dine. Magnifique! Guarentee it will be the best thing you have ever tasted….oh and to do it at 7500 feet above sea level…ahem, yes! yes, indeed!

Light up the grill…..

Generously coat the meat with the Montreal steak seasoning. Throw the meat on the grill.

Open the beans and for optimal taste use a seasoned cast iron skillet. Put the beans in the pan and add the cheese. Cook ’em up on low heat. These will stick so stir and make sure they don’t scorch.

When the meat is cooked to you liking, and you have put down another two or three beers remove the meat and let it rest. The resting is a very important step…not only does it give you a chance to bullshit a bit more and yes, you guessed it, drink a few more beers it allows for the juices in the meat to redistributed. This is a great habit to get into.

After the meat has rested it was sliced very thin. We had thrown the tortillas on the grill to warm.

The rest is assemblage. Beans spread on a warm tortilla and then slices of meat placed on top. Roll ’em up and chow ’em down as you gaze drunkenly into your camp fire. Easy and awesomely tasty!


~ by fogcityfoodie on May 19, 2010.

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