Happy 4/20!

It’s the Hippie Christmas in San Francisco! Enjoy!

The Origin of the Term 420

If you are looking for a really cool place to hang out and catch the true vibe on 420, I suggest you start at the the beginning of the madness, let’s say Haight and Baker at the edge of Buena Vista Park. That’ll get you up the hill that separates the Lower Haight from the Upper Haight and it’s a monster hill at that! Start there and stroll all the way down Haight Street, going West, toward the park/beach/smell of pot. Stop by one of the lovely Head Shops or hell, go get your nipples pierced… It is Tuesday and the Magnolia is serving $3 beers all day. Once you get to the end of Haight Street you’ll see a group of folks(a couple thousand) across the street in the Golden Gate Park. That’s where ya want to be. Hippie Hill! Follow the smell of weed or just the cloud of smoke. You can’t miss it! Oh ya, try to show up before 4:20!

Just in case


~ by fogcityfoodie on April 20, 2010.

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