Prescription Pale from Magnolia Pub and Brewery

I love heading to the Haight. There is something so nostalgic about it. A really cool thing to do down there is people watch. Let’s just say, there is a ton of flavor on the Haight. Oodles to be exact! I think that one of the coolest places in the city to hang and people watch is the Magnolia Pub and Brewery on the corner of Haight and Masonic. It’s inviting, straight-up and they serve some really kick-ass home made beer.

I was especially drawn to the Prescription Pale. It was served on tap and in the cask. I had no idea what cask beer was about so I went straight for the tap. Fantastic beer! First off, I noticed the really beautiful color. It had a really cool amber hue. The sun was shining through the windows that showcases the place and it shimmered in the sunlight. I knew it was going to be a tasty drink. Ya just know! It was light and a really easy drink. Super easy! As I was sipping away the gal that poured it for me came over and offered me a sample of the cask variety. It definitely piqued my interest! So after finishing the “tap” pour I ordered up the “cask” pour.

The cask Prescription Ale was traditional and wonderful. It was actually served about 10 degrees warmer than the tap. Interesting because it really gave me the opportunity to taste the brew! Light and airy but not as crisp as the tap pour. The cask, is the tradition English brew method, there is no carbonation added it has to be hand pumped from the cask. Awesome stuff…..

The Prescription is the lightest craft beer I have ever tasted. It was a really easy drink and not very hoppy at all. I would drink this beer as my go-to, without a moment of hesitation.  4.7 abv 55 bu’s on both the cask and tap.

Magnolia is a fun, must-see place next time you’re on the Haight.  On Tuesday they offer their $3 brews, all day and all night. Good deal!

Tap Pour

Magnolia Pub and Brewery


~ by fogcityfoodie on April 10, 2010.

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