2006 Gnarly Head Cab

I tried the Gnarly Head Cabernet this evening. It was my Friday treat. I have had their Old Vine Zin in the past and thought it pretty decent for the price. But the 2006 Cab was a different story. This hooch fell a bit flat which is exactly how I would describe how it tasted. It just didn’t cut it. I hate writing bad reviews but I just can’t stand behind this wine. I did a lil research and it seems that they put out 100,000 cases of this with grapes from here, there and everywhere…which is cool with me as long as the juice can deliver. Not so much here.  Hold on, lemme take a sip and tell ya what I taste…. it almost taste like an over-sweet cough syrup…sorry y’all. I’ll pass this one over. All I have to say is “Release The Kraken!” I’ve always wanted to say that!

love the name!


~ by fogcityfoodie on April 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “2006 Gnarly Head Cab”

  1. Were you watching Ferguson just now? He just did half his monologue on Liam Neeson yelling, “Release the Kraken!”. Yeah, you must have been watching. It would be too weird, otherwise.

  2. Too weird, then! Hah!

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