Lion Pub

I love fru fru drinks. No shame here. If you mix fresh fruit/juice with hooch I am all in. What a better way to get your vitamins, prevent scurvy and catch a buzz? Now don’t confuse the fru fru with a whimpy drink. I wanna to taste the booze. The first sip should be sweet and savory, delicate and fresh followed by a kick upside the head. I wanna get goosebumps and have to catch my breath. I ain’t no dainty lil flower and expect the drink to cater to that fact…fru fru with a Bruce Lee karate chop to your face!

There is a place on the corner of Divisadero and Sacramento Streets in San Francisco that delivers this fru fru that I like, The Lion Pub. From the outside you’d swear you were looking at an ivy-covered garage jutting out from the one of those Pac Height mansions that surround it. But once you open the door you will find there is nothing Pac Heights about this place, except perhaps the complimentary cheese and crackers they set out to sop up the booze.

I am not sure if it is me or if this place has been hijacked by the Marina sect. No offense Marina folks…but I grew out of that stage (actually I never grew into it..I hate sweater vests, they’re itchy). It was a Tuesday night, 8 pm and there were 14 people in the bar (including the Bar Keep) and the place had really bad house music just blaring out. I love the house mix as much as the next guy(ok…I don’t) but if you can’t hear the person you are sitting twelve inches away from you may wanna kick it down a notch or two. I could see if it was 11:30 on a Saturday night, with hot Betties dancing around half naked whilst rolling on Ecstasy. OK…crank it up! But it was Tuesday night and the place was dead.

If I could have this place all to myself that would rock. The drinks are all made with fresh fruit. I had a Blueberry Vojito(vodka instead of rum) and the Mango Strawberry Vojito. Both were great and I would lean toward the mango strawberry again…maybe ’cause it’s strawberry season and those lil berries are freakin’ ripe! Good stuff. If you like fresh fruit/juices for your drinks, bad house music and admire or actually don a sweater vest…this place is a must.


~ by fogcityfoodie on April 1, 2010.

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