“Home Made” Fettucini

This is a bit of a misnomer. The brand name is “Home Made” and they are located in South San Francisco. It was, however, fresh.  Having said that I must say this. I have never done fresh pasta before. I made gnocci once but that is a different animal all together! I boiled it all up as I have no idea how one stores (or would want to store) fresh pasta. I have to tell you it was delightful. I cooked it perfectly (al dente) and it was nothing like the stuff you buy in a box. Italian folks, all say together…”No d’uh!” The bag of fresh fettucini was $6 or so and it rocked with the sauce that I made(see The Sauce). I think I am now a convert. The guy is a Fillmore Farmer’s Market Regular and I also scored some lobster ravioli($8 for 24) that I will cook up with the remainder of the sauce. Good stuff. If you have never tried fresh pasta I highly recommend it! The one thing to keep in mind is it doesn’t take nearly as long to cook as the dried stuff; 6 minutes tops.


~ by fogcityfoodie on March 29, 2010.

2 Responses to ““Home Made” Fettucini”

  1. Made fresh pasta in Boys’ Food once in DH. I will have to try it again. I will leave it to the experts this time though.

    Happy eating

    • If you had one of those rolling machines it doesn’t look like it would be that hard to do. Although not nearly as easy as buying some pre-made the day before.

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