The Sauce

I was always the kid that shunned a good sauce. I think it all started when I was in 5th grade in Saudi Arabia. We didn’t have much choice when it came to groceries before the wars. It was slim pickins’! I vividly remember the day my mother used Ro-Tel to make a pasta sauce. HOT AS HELL to my virgin taste buds. It scared me. It did…hold me! Spicy sauce?! So, I stumbled across my now favorite food by accident of necessity. Thanks Mom! After 10 or so years of crafting, I think I can now throw this out. I think I nailed it! Albeit a doctored sauce…it rocks!

Stuff you’ll need

1.5 lbs ground beef

Splash of Olive oil for sauteeing

One 44 oz sauce of Classico Four Cheese pasta sauce

One sweet onion(diced)*

bunch of mushrooms (sliced)*

5 gloves of garlic(smashed to hell)*

One Guinness

Bottle of wine (your preference…you’re drinking it)

two Tablespoons red pepper flakes

two Tablespoons sugar ( any kind…I’ve used white, brown and even powered…gotta do whatcha gotta do)

A pot (or vessel that you wish to create in…think palette for an artiste!)

The Deal

Brown and drain the meat(gets rid of the extra grease)…set aside.

Oil up your vessel/pot/pan/thingie. Use a fair amount!

add pepper flakes…keep it at a medium heat…burning these will fuck up the whole thing.

add garlic and cook for a minute or so. get em cooked. be careful here too. keep the heat low enough not to hammer the garlic. think lightly colored.

add onions and get these going on the same heat. get them lightly colored.

Open wine and pour yourself a glass. Tasty?

after the onions have gotten some color throw in the mushrooms and stir the whole thing up. Pepper to taste. I usually hit it good here.

The mushrooms will cook and start to render their liquid. That’s when you want to add the beef, pour in the jar of sauce and add the the sugar.

Give it a good mix. I like to add the beer here as it will cruise for several hours. It will all incorporate. So go ahead and add a few seconds worth of pour. maybe 1/4 of the can. Well, you have a can/bottle of Guinness in your hand…go ahead! Slug it! I would…you’re the chef and it is in the recipe! Hell ya, “It is Written”!

ok…that’s it. all the ingredients have been accounted for and you have a glass of wine and a Guinness. Don’t you love cooking?! Let it cruise on a simmer(low) heat for a few hours or days. If it is looking to thick for your liking… add some a splash of wine (to you and the sauce). Enjoy!

Oh ya…the longer you let it simmer the better its going to taste. There will be some dried sauce on the side of your vessel/pot/pan as it renders down. Just scrape those lovely lil bits from the side into the sauce. It will reconstitute with the sauce and the liquid in it. That’s the real good stuff! Use it!

*Disclaimer: I figured ya knew that you need a knife and cutting board the slice, dice and smash. I aint no Becky Crocker, but seriously!?


~ by fogcityfoodie on March 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Sauce”

  1. Yeah, see, every great simple dish has mushrooms and onions. I really take issue with J’s aversion to both. It’s forcing me to reconsider every single favourite thing I cook. Sigh.

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