Riptide Red Ale

I wanted to do this properly. I purchased a bottled 22 ouncer the other day at The Beach Chalet. I had a few there but I was outside enjoying the beautiful Spring weather so it was poured into a plastic pint glass. I know, right?! Then again I can see their point. Hell, I would be serving it in dixie cups if it were my place. Lowest Common Denominator. The point of which is that when I tasted it tonight I actually poured it into a real pint glass, as opposed to just slugging it out of the bottle. Classy, ya!? That too, but I did it to get the full taste and characteristics of the beer. Seriously, try it next time you get a really good beer. I know, I know… you may have to wash that pint glass you ripped off from the bar on your last birthday but it’ll be worth it, Trust Me!

So the Riptide Red is my go to beer at the Chalet. It is very hoppy but has a very sweet undertone to it. A party in your mouth with flavors….pause (notice how that is YOUR mouth?). It had a really nice head when poured directly into the glass…no tilting. It carries a really nice aroma and a smooth finish. The color was little darker than red. More of an oil mixing with your transmission fluid color. I like this stuff and next time I am at the Beach/Park Chalet this is what I am gonna get!


~ by fogcityfoodie on March 25, 2010.

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