71 Saint Peter, San Jose

The Day After, I should be feeling chewed up and spit out. But NO! I feel marvelous. Sober even! The age thing indeed has bred wisdom. It was a mellow night, not a lame night in the least, au contraire! It was one of those night where you lean back and think…”Goddamn! I am brilliant!”
The St. Patrick festivities started out at Mission Pipe Shop. It was a free cigar tasting and they were giving out Casa Magna – Oscuro. A full bodied cigar with a very very slight hint of sweetness. It was very tasty and a great way to start off the night.
Cigars were followed by the bar at Hedley Club at the Hotel de Anza where I polished off a couple of Stella’s. Nice progression, eh? Then onto dinner. The Irish bars were raftered and we managed to squeeze into a cozy lil nook between two Irish pubs. The best of both worlds as the pubs were rocking 71 Saint Peter was quiet and relaxing. As I dined on French Onion Soup, Lamb Chops and Tiramisu I could see groups of revelers waiting in lines that, I assuming, led to some poor shlub pouring out plastic cups of Guinness. The front of the line was so far away I couldn’t see it!
Let me tell you a bit about my dinner. The Onion soup was quite inventive. It was upside down. Think fresh mozzarella under a peppery beef stock with sauteed onions. Really good! The lamb chops with a rich demi glas over a mound of gorgonzola mashed and fresh green beans. Off the hook! The best was definitely the tiramisu. It was topped with fresh strawberries and they were drizzled with an outstanding balsamic vinegar. Delicious and light.
I think this is an awesome go to place and I would love to take a date here for a pre-Sharks meal. Ya! I know…I bring dates to hockey games!


~ by fogcityfoodie on March 18, 2010.

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