The Fillmore Farmer’s Market

Saturday morning are a hallowed and sacred thing. Everyone seems to be a lot happier and there is an actual buzz in the air, and not just my head from the night before.  I went to shot a little piece on the Fillmore Farmer’s Market. I want to say this was our first day of spring. A gorgeous morning of bright sunshine with just a bit of a chill in the air. Fuck it, sunshine in SF is a license to throw on shorts and flip flops(even though it was just pushing 50 degrees).  I did just that and grabbed a bucket of  mocha from The Fillmore Street Cafe (a.k.a. Habib’s) and sauntered up the street to see what kinda of good stuff they were hawking at the market. The Fillmore Farmer’s Market is held on Fillmore and O’Farrell in the Jazz District. As a matter of fact the usually have a jazz band out there dishing out some tunes. I love the idea. Groove to some cool jazz and buy some carrots…too cool, man! Those cats are just too cool!

A few things I noticed…there are signs everywhere that say, “no dogs allowed”….this place is a pooch party! This is San Francisco. Rules?! phssst…we don’t need no stinking rules! So bring your dog on down, no one seems to give a shit! Nevertheless; it’s a quaint lil Farmers market. That means it’s small. You still might have to hit up a stupermarket to get all your weekly supplies of fruits and veggies.  Maybe? Maybe not?! It’s a fantastic neighborhood gem, but I can’t see driving from a different neighborhood or god forbid from out of town to check it out…unless that’s your thing? and if it is your thing, than who am I to say any thing different? Come on down then!  I do highly recommend walking down Fillmore to Eddy and getting your coffee at The Fillmore Street Cafe. These folks know the meaning of “Go-Go Juice”! If you happen to be in the Western Addition or Pac Heights on a Saturday morning…you might dig it, jam to some jazz and pick up some fresh-ass fruit, veggies and tons of free samples plus this is one of the best people-watching places in the city.


~ by fogcityfoodie on March 15, 2010.

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