Stumptown Brewery and Smokehouse

Have you ever had one of those days? I am sure you have, we all have. Let’s just say I was having one of those days. One of those, “I am gonna lose it” days. What to do? I call a friend up in Sonoma and tell of my dilemma. We decide on lunch. “I know just the place,” he assures me. OK. My day is already looking better. The attitude in Sonoma is enough to mellow the most frenzied, high strung, over-caffeinated city dweller…guaranteed! Redwoods, Russian River, wine or in today’s case, beer. Homemade and handcrafted from one of the coolest places I know. I am talking Stumptown Brewery and Smokehouse up in Guerneville, then again you probably figured that from the title of the posting.

I love this place. I live for dark bars with good folks and a few laughs. Hell, you know it’s a great place when the topic that brings a smile to your face is how shitty your day was before deciding to come here! A few Rat Bastards (the flagship Pale Ale of Stumptown) and everybody is having fun. The Rat Bastard is a really easy drinking Pale Ale. Good shit! I also sampled the Bushwhacker Wheat Beer. I really liked this one. It was light and smooth as silk. NO need to add citrus to this beauty (is it orange or lemon? can never remember).

The smoker wasn’t going on Tuesdays so if you’re thinking about heading up for a BBQ Pork sandwich you may wanna call, maybe just because it is still in the middle of winter? But they do have food, regardless if the are smoking or not, this place is hands down one of my favorite places in the world. Stumptown is so awesome, chill, friendly, fun and laid back it is like Disneyland for beer drinkers.

15045 River Rd, Guerneville, CA, 95446
(707) 869-0705


~ by fogcityfoodie on March 12, 2010.

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