I went to check this place out. It was the soft opening/rehearsal thingie doodle. So we got little nibbles of this and that. Most was cold and picked over by the time we got it…but what can ya do?! Roll up the sleeves and dig in, right!?
There were a few things that really stood out and I will mention those. The rest of the food was solid and really well priced so I would definitely say give it a whirl. I think their Happy Hour is a smokin’ deal. $2 PBR’s and cheap appeteazers. You could catch a buzz and get a nibble for a $10 (minus tip, tax and the rest of whatever CA deems to add on to your tab).
So I have to say the one thing that totally jumped out at me is the Chicken Noodle Soup. For  the record…it’s not my thing, I don’t have a Jewish Mother and think Progresso tastes exactly the same as Jo Mama’s World famous Chicken Noodle…whatever. Its broth and noodles with veggies. BORING. Not here! These guys gave it a “Zing” with a hint of sherry. Ya, Hootch, baby, now we are talking! Nevertheless; the broth was sweet and savory. I can only imagine being sick…this is the soup I want. Burn it out!
The next thing I wanted to mention is the Fried Chicken, ok, I am a Southerner so this is sacred ground we are treading on Oaktown.  I did manage to grab a wing to taste. Non-traditional chicken…think all-spice. It was interesting, tasty and a lil crazy…would I dive in and order it if I were to go back…….maybe, ya, maybe nah. Depends on how froggy I was feeling.
A few more mentionables…the Shepard’s Pie would probably be my go to….the ‘tater crust was covered in melted cheese. Serious! Why mess around? Cover that bad boy with some cheddar and throw it in the Salamander and melt the lovely gooey goodness all over the ’taters. oh, hell ya! It was goooooood!
Janelle really seemed to dig the Chicken Pot Pie. Think buttery crust. I saw it when they first plated it and it looked beautiful. I didn’t scrounge any of the crust but I did taste the gravy and it was really good. I think these guys got their sauces down. That, should say a lot. When you get the sauces right…it’s all gravy! No pun, ok, pun!
So, I think this place seemed really solid. Major comfort food. The kitchen layout is great (smack dab in your face!)and the decor is cool too.


~ by fogcityfoodie on March 8, 2010.

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