Shiogane Mango – Ozumo, Oakland

This is how the drink menu describes this potent lil gem, “Don Julio Blanco and a splash of Grand Marnier with a muddled jalapeno, lime and mango, served chilled in a martini glass with a macha sea salt rim.”
If you didn’t know I don’t do tequila and usually stay clear of the jalapeno bite.  So this drink is so “not me”. What was I thinking…BONZAI!!!!! and live life on the edge.
The drink was unique, think noveau maraguarita. It’s a Cali thing, ya? Hell! We’ll even put a twist on noveau, It’s just our style. Anyways; the bite was nice, not as bad as it most certainly could have been. The bartender told me the peppers were a little mild so there wasn’t much of a sting. He asked if I needed more “zing”, I declined! I really couldn’t taste the mango in the drink but I think it added the sweet and sour taste to it.
The photo is the bar manager Greg dishing it up; super cool bar keep and I would suggest just stopping by to have him mix you up something tasty. The man knows his hootch!


~ by fogcityfoodie on March 8, 2010.

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  1. Nice!

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