Fillmore Street Cafe – Steak, Egg N Cheese Sandwich

This is my first review. I am not sure to go with the food or the establishment….so until I figure it out I will highlight both.  I’m feeling a bit weirded out about giving my food opinion to the entire internet universe, but since no one even knows of my site, I am gonna let it rip. I’m going to start off easy, go with what I know and showcase a solid coffee shop. Now, this isn’t the place you’d drive for a hundred miles to get a cup of coffee, but if you’re in the Fillmore and want a solid, kick ass, turbo jet fuel cup of really HOT coffee, these folks will hook you up. OK, I’ll do a coffee bit in my “drink section”. This about their steak, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. It is the bomb!  The steak is actually sliced roast beef (and a whopping portion of it too). But it is warmed, the eggs are cooked omelet style in a pan (screw eggs in a microwave, that’s always freaked me out) and two slices of your choice of cheese. YES! a slice on either side. I like to go with white bread, cause I am old school like that, but you get a choice and can do it bagel sammy too. This is the absolute perfect grab and go, breakfast sammy of love! Cheap too!


~ by fogcityfoodie on March 8, 2010.

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